Jiggler Siphon Hose

Jiggler Siphon Hose – This ranks near the top of my list of boat gadgets. It is truly a must have. I keep one for fuels, and one for water.


I use one to transfer gas or diesel and the other to transfer water. Because there is no balancing act involved, I can even transfer fuel while underway. The best part is that I don’t spill one drop.


If you’ve ever cruiser where you need to go ashore and jug water back to the boat, you’ll appreciate this. It really saves your back. I just set the jerry jug on deck, jiggle the hose, and it empties the jug in less than 90 seconds. Again, no spillage either. If you get the end down in the very bottom of the water jug, the suction it develops will just about suck the last drip out.


I recommend the one here. I’ve seen some imitations out there, but they are not as good as this one. For instance, the one that Harbor fright sells has a cheap hose material that can kink. Look for the one’s with a more rigid hose, and a copper jiggler device.

It’s available on Amazon.

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  • Nancy Vihlen

    I love your siphon hose. I have 2, one for gas and one for water. I think I bought it the day after I saw you use it when you came to visit us. It’s the best thing I ever bought next to my one handed log splitter I bought on QVC!

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