Oven Stone

Oven Stove– This is another heat diffuser. We find that when baking in the oven, some things get scorched or burned on the bottom. Biscuits and pizza are good examples. The stone protects your food from getting too much heat on the bottom. And spreads the heat out more evenly of better baking.

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My daughter was about to toss out a broken Pizza Stone. I snatched, and cut it to size for the boat oven. We also have one for our camper oven. You can make one of these yourself, or buy one. The most important thing is the size.   Most of what is out there is too big for our boat ovens. If you need to cut one down, I suggest you take it to Lowes where they have a wet saw, and will be glad to make one or two cuts for you for free.


To make your own, go to Lowes, buy an 18” or 24” square piece of travertine. You want something that is stone, and not glazed. This will cost you about $5. Have them cut it to size for you, and you will get two oven stones.   One for you, and one to share.


If you’d rather buy one from me already made to size, just contact me.   The cost is $12 plus shipping. (they are heavy)

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