Boat Cards

You will find it very useful to have a boat card. Most cruisers out there have these. You will meet so many new people, and you’ll want to recall their names, and their boat names. This is how we all do it.
We keep a stack of cards rubber banded together in our nav station. We met one gal who used a business card notebook, arranged by year. Sometimes I can’t recall the people’s names, but I almost always recall a boat name, even years later. I then shuffle through he stack of cards until I find the boat, and then, a big “Oh Yea”, Chris and Pat. We often make small notes on the back of the cards about the people and where we met them.

So you need a card too. It’s the quickest way to pass along your information. I use Vista Print, and apparently so does everyone else. Go to their website and look for the deal for 250 cards for free plus shipping. It’s a good deal, and they ship them fast.

You can of course upgrade and buy all kinds of stuff on this site. I like the hats, and where else can you buy a custom boat shirt for about $15?

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