Scupper Blockers to Catch rain water

Sandbags for scuppers – Things that work. 002

This idea came from Ginny Martin aboard THE ABBEY. When it rains, many of us try to catch some fresh water. Sometimes we need to block up a scupper up forward, or, in my case, towards the stern. I’ve made do with rags in the past. Certainly not perfect, but they did ok. Ginny’s idea is to fill a few Ziploc bags with sand from the nearby beach, and use these as sandbag scupper blockers. They work really well, cost nothing, and when not being used to block scuppers to catch rain water, they make great paper weights for your charts in the cockpit. Try it, they form fit to the shape you need, won’t blow away, and are clean and neat. Things that work. 001

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