Making Ice

Making ice is easy-

We’ve tried ice cube trays, both the one’s with the lids by Tupperware, and the vertical ones that come with some freezers. But these take up a lot of space, and you then have to have a place for the extra cubes that you store.

Try this. Fill a quart size Ziploc bag about 1/2 full of water. Seal it, and set it in your freezer at night. The next AM it should be frozen solid. Put it on a cutting board, and stab it right through the bag making smaller cubes. Unzip it, and take out the ice for your Bloody Mary, zip it back up, and put it back in the freezer until happy hour. Ice Ziplocs 003

These Ziplocs of ice take up a lot less room than ice cube trays, and to me, are a lot less trouble than trays. We use about a bag a day on our boat for ice tea, cocktails, and cokes. Use a good quality bag for this, nothing too cheap. I use Ziploc Storage bags or Wal-Mart brand freezer bags.

Make sure you use the cutting board when you break up the ice. One time I put a bag down in the sink and stabbed a way. Later, we found one small pin hole in the bottom of the sink. We discovered it because there was a “leak” somewhere under the sink. I was actually relieved to find that this was all it was. I had to repair it with JB Weld, and promise never to do that again.

Because ice picks are hard to find, here is a link to an inexpensive but good one.

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