Sun Shower

Sun Shower – You’ve seen plenty of people recommend this in the past, and that’s because they really work well at both providing warm water, and saving water.

My wife likes a warm shower every evening. If we are sitting in an anchorage for days, our hot water that was heater by the engine has gone cold. So we can either fire up the engine, the generator, or use the Sun Shower. I can tell you that the Sun Shower is much quieter than the engines.

We sit ours on the deck just above the window to the head. I added three feet to the length of the hose on our Sun Shower. This allows me to run the hose in the window and into the shower area below. My wife can get a good hot shower, including washing and rinsing her hair, with about 1 ½ to 2 gallons of water.

How well does it heat up the water? We have had to cover it with a towel some afternoons because the water was too hot. It can get so hot it will burn you. So what do you do if it’s a total cloud cover that day? We have on occasion boiled a couple of quarts of water in the kettle and poured this into the Sun Shower to raise the temperature.

I’ve owned a few of these over the years. On my boat, they tend to get a leak around the point where the water hose leaves the bag. Always be careful with how the hose lays, and keep the pressure off this connection. I’m recommending this one because this it has been the best by far for us. Ours last about two years. Other cruisers agree, the Sterns is made better than most. I also recommend the 4 gallon size.

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