Wi-FI Booster

Wi-Fi Booster-

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We use a small, inexpensive 1 watt booster to better our wi-fi reception in anchorages. The one we use is made by Alfa, and cost less than $25. It works well, and frees us of trips to shore to the local “hot spot” to do email. Often we can tune into a free hot spot at a nearby restaurant or home. Hint; half the time the password is the name of the restaurant! There are more powerful units but these that might cost you $100 per watt. We also use a yaggie antenna connected to the Alfa booster. Read about that here on the website. It too is inexpensive, and does a good job.

The standard antenna works ok, but the 9dBi panel antenna works better on the boat. You may want to purchase this option. Amazon is the best deal I found on these items. You might want a cable so you can have more flexibility on where you put the antenna verses how close it is to where your computer sits. Oh yea, this works at home, or in your camper too.

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  • Galen

    Caution with a Yagi Udu Antenna on a digital device. The directional antenna will work great to the router, but It may not hear signals off the side. This causes collisions of the data packets which leads to more retries and reduces router throughput.. A collinear antenna is a better gain solution for WiFi.

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