Glass Bottom Bucket

Looky Bucket – This is near the top of my list !

< This is sometimes also called a viewing bucket. It’s essentially a glass bottom bucket that allows you to see the bottom from sitting in your dinghy. What cruisers use this for is to take a look at their anchor set. If you want to check your set, you have to either jump in the water with a dive mask, or use this bucket. And it is a good idea to check your anchor set even if you’ve pulled hard against it. Sail Mag 5 things Cullen 014

I quite often offer to check my neighbors anchor sets as well. I get two things out of this gesture. I make a new friend who appreciates my goodwill, and I know if he’s going to drag should the weather get nasty.

I also use mine when checking out a reef when diving for lobster or fish. I can see how good the reef is, if there are fish down there, and get an idea of the depth. My friend Dirk on RENAGADE and I go hunting every day when we cruise the Bahamas and this bucket really helps us pick the good spots. Bahamas Lobster

I have found these at dive shops, West Marine, and Sports Authority for around $35. Many people make their own by cutting the bottom out of a bucket, and attaching a round piece of Plexiglas or lexan to the bucket. Chris on “Even Keel” recently told me that he bought a rectangular piece of acrylic at The Home Depot and put it in the bottom of a Kitty Liter plastic pail that was square in shape.

There are several cheap kids toys that are available as underwater viewers. Search Amazon and Ebay for these. Most would not serve a dual purpose like a good bucket would. With this one, you’d have to stick your face right up against it to see. But for $2, and it’s easy to store, it’s better than nothing.

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  • Boyd Bundy

    Great ideas, I saw you at Tampa and really enjoyed your talk.

    I find that taking off the handle and running a line thru two holes on opposite sides is more useable than the metal handle then you can then use it to dip seawater from the deck to rinse down the deck, etc. Great for storing the mask and fins as well.


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