Soda Stream

Soda Stream – This is the machine you buy that makes sodas. We make our own diet coke and tonic water with our Soda Stream. The cost of buying coke in some places will certainly make hesitate, and to bring enough sodas for a cruise to the islands is a real burden. However, we find the biggest benefit is that we don’t generate trash from cans and cartons. Less cost, less to store aboard, less trash, all good reasons for this idea. We use ours everyday while cruising.

We carry two extra gas bottles with us and we find that each lasts about a month for us. We just use two of the Soda Stream plastic bottles. We pack plenty of the syrup for the trip. Note; these syrup containers have an expiration date on them. Look for these when you buy them.

The diet Tonic water mix is a little more difficult to find than anything else. We usually stock up on flavors at Beds Baths and Beyond with a 20% off coupon. You can also find supplies for the Soda Stream at Wal-Mart now.

On Amazon, there are a number of adapter values available for “Paint Ball” CO2 canisters cylinders that will work with the various models of Soda Stream. You would need to buy the right cylinder for your model Soda Stream, and then this adapter value. These are worth the investment in my opinion.

Here is the best deal I’ve found on this.

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