Mini Scuba Tank

We keep a “mini” scuba tank aboard. I say keep aboard, because I’ve actually never had to use it while cruising. I keep it for emergencies. It’s small, light weight, and easy to store aboard. I do use it while in home port. Recently, without hauling the boat, I pulled my prop, painted it, and put it back on the boat with a new zinc. When I clean the bottom of the boat, I do most of it with snorkel gear, then use this tank to finish up down deep and touch up everything.

The emergencies I’m thinking of are needing to dive deeper than I can snorkel, or needing to be under the boat for a longer time than I can hold my breath. If my anchor gets hung up in 40 feet of water, then I’ve go the tank to go get it. If we drop something over the side, I can always go deep enough to retrieve it. If I need to work on running gear underwater, I can do that with the tank.

Carrying a tank is a good idea if you have the room for it. The mini just makes it easier for us.

Mini Scuba 001

Your local dive shop can fix you up, or here’s one on Amazon.

I was at a boat show recently and saw a source for the “backpack” that holds the mini tank. It looks like a good one, and not to expensive. Here is a link to their website. They have a lot of other great cruising gear too. Check out the snubber hook and harness set up. Good people too.

Mantus Scuba


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