Dish Drying Rack

I’ve had people tell me they wished there was a dish drying rack made for sailboats. I love the idea that Hunter sailboats has with the built in dish drying rack.

What you are looking for is something small, compact, light weight, and functional. We found ours at an RV store. Take a look at a big RV store like Camping World. They have an amazing number if things that we can use on our boats. Lots and lots of galley gadgets too. I especially like the collapsible colander, and mixing bowls. They can sure save on storage space.

The dish drainer we bought folds up and stores easily, it’s called “Suitecase Dishrack”. Becky on the Catalina 320 “Serenity” found this at West Marine. The company that sells it has a website full of great galley gadgets.

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