Motion Light

Any motion light can work for this. The idea is to light up intruders in the cockpit, or, as you arrive back at the boat late, to light your way. I find it very nice to have as I pull up to the back of the boat in the dinghy in the pitch dark. We do have a light in the cockpit area, but many times, happy hour has turned into many happy hours, and we arrive well after dark and therefore we’ve not left a light on.

I like it for deterring anyone trying to sneak about too. If they walk onto the back of the boat at night, they’ll get a bright light right in the eyes, smile!

For the cost and convenience, I like having one of these aboard. The one I use is a 27 bulb LED that is battery operated. It’s very bright, and easy to hang or tie around the back of the boat. I found it on Ebay and Amazon.

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