A Good Chamios

If you are cruising long term, you know that finding paper towels can be difficult in the smaller villages. When you do find them, they are usually very expensive compared to back home. Plus, paper towel rolls take up a lot of storage space, and create a lot of trash. The alternative is a good chamois. There are many options out there, and I’d like to hear about more of them. My wife like’s Trader Joe’s “Super Amazing Kitchen Cloths” for one. These seem a little better than the Sham-Wow towels, and the Super Chamois you find at the boat shows. All will do the job just fine. I prefer the synthetic chamois that come in the plastic cylinder.

Stock up on a few of these, you’ll find you’ll want one for the galley, one for the cockpit and general boat, and perhaps one for the head if you chamois off the head area after taking a shower.

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