Lingerie for the Ice Box

This is a good way to organize and not lose things in the refrigerator box.

Lingerie Bags – for the guys that don’t know, these are small mesh bags that ladies put their frilly under things in when they go in the washer machine. They are about a two gallon size, have a nylon zipper, and are very sturdy. I use these to organize the fridge. I put all the salad stuff in one, all the meat and cheese stuff lunch stuff in another, all the fruit and veggies in another, etc. When it comes time to prepare a meal, you just quickly reach in and grab a bag with everything you need. Things don’t get lost, and you don’t get yelled at for keeping the fridge lid open too long while hunting down that one missing item. You can buy these at Walmart for about $2 each. Target, Sears, Beds Bath & Beyond, all have them, they are not hard to find.


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