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Bucket 2The bucket I like is actually one I discovered while “ranch sitting” for a friend in Texas on the Burning B Ranch.  It is really a “feed” bucket for hauling chicken or livestock feed.   It has a flat side to it so it can be hung on a wall hook back on the ranch.  Here’s why it’s the best.Burning B 2012 060

It’s really, really, heavy-duty.  You will not find anything like this at The Home Depot.  I think it’s tough enough to be used as a drone or small sea anchor too.  You too will be impressed with the materials and construction.

It has one flat side.  The flat side is great if you want to catch water running off of your gunnels.  The flat side fits up against the hull, where it is easier to keep in place.  More water goes into the bucket this way too.  The flat side is also great for bailing out the dinghy.  And if you have to carry anything heavy in it, with the flat side towards you legs, your arms can be more vertical, meaning less strain, and the bucket won’t bounce off you as you walk.  All these little pluses add up to make you really appreciate this feed bucket.  I found the best size is the 14 quart, and the best place to buy it is on Amazon.

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  • Bill, I prefer this one. it’s rectangular, nests well (we have 2), stores easily, and best it makes a good entry into the water for collection underway. Because it’s oddly shaped it will self empty enough for easy withdrawal when you pitch it overboard with a rope to collect water. Round buckets tend to not bite well and bury themselves when they do.

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