Waterproof Your canvas

After several years your canvas may lose some or all of its ability to repel water. There are several good products out there to refurbish the water repellency. Starbrite makes a good one, and the makers of Sunbrella lend their name to one called “303 Fabric Guard”. You can find these at your favorite marine supply store. They work.

What you won’t find at the marine store is good old “Scotch Guard”. I’m a believer in this decades old formula for reviving the water repellency of my canvas. I think that it works better, and lasts longer than the others. It comes in an aerosol spray can which makes it easy to apply, that is, on a day with no wind.

I spray it on until the canvas appears to be wet. The other products warn not to get them on your clear plastic windows, and I would assume the same for Scotch Guard. Cover the windows on the dodger.
The cost of the marine products is about three times the cost of a can of Scotch Guard from your local discount store. I’d say that the coverage should be about two cans of Scotch Guard to one 16 oz bottle of the 303 fabric Guard. And I’d say that the scotch Guard will last about twice as long, which makes it a real bargain.

Try it, and maybe you won’t have to wear your foul weather gear under the bimini next time out.

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