Sandwich Baskets

This idea was suggested by my friend Tom Rose who sails “Corsair”. This gadget saves on water by cutting the amount of dishes you have to wash, and it saves on trash because of less bulky paper products. Less water, less trash, it’s a winner on any boat.

The idea is to use just a napkin or a very thin cheap paper plate to serve your food on. The gadget is the holder, or basket for the plate or napkin. Tom uses plastic baskets on his boat with a napkin in it to serve sandwiches and chips. When the food is gone, the napkin gets put in the trash, and the plastic basket goes back in the cabinet. The baskets are great for wraps, sandwiches, burritos, and the like.
I use wicker plate holders on my boat. These plate holders also come in plastic, and some even have little tabs that lock the thin paper plate in. When the time comes to replace my wicker ones, I plan to change over to the plastic ones because they seem easy to clean.

I prefer the thin paper plates to the napkin in the basket because I can serve things like potato salad, eggs, slaw, or other more moist foods. The paper plates that I use are about the thinnest, least expensive ones you can buy. They are the kind that without the holder, you’d need three of them together to offer any stiffness.

We don’t usually serve dinner on these paper plates or baskets. I prefer something a little nicer and larger for the evening meal, even while underway.

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