Propane Spare Part

This is perhaps less of a gadget and more of a “backup spare to carry aboard”. It’s a 3/8 inch Flare Both Ends union for propane fittings. This can replace your solenoid should it go bad while you are out cruising. My solenoid recently died on me. Fortunately, it happened just before a two month trip to the Bahamas. Had it happened in some out island, I would not be able to use my propane for cooking.
This piece would connect the two propane hoses that attach to the solenoid. Essentially, bypassing the solenoid and connecting your propane directly from the tank to the stove. Using the value on top of the tank, you could then turn on and off the propane by hand each time you used it until a new solenoid could be installed.
If you’re heading out, I recommend you add this to your list of spares. It cost about $2.50, and can be bought at any hardware store. If it doesn’t bail you out some day, it will probably bail out another cruiser whose solenoid has gone cupid.

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