Garden in a can gift idea

I think this would make a great gift for someone you know that is headed out on their boat cruising. It’s called “Garden in a Can”. It’s a self contained garden, all set to use. It’s a can (tin), soil, and seeds. It has a pop top lid. You open it, plant the seeds in the soil, water it and in a few days the plant begins to grow. It can be stored for a while before using.

It’s just a neat little gift idea. I have used the basil cans myself and really liked them. The only down side is that the tin cans will rust. Not to good on a sailboat around saltwater. So we use a drink coaster under the can, and put the can in a drink holder near the stern of the boat. We’ve had great success, until one day the plant got a good saltwater soaking, which killed it dead.

You could make these yourself too. And if you did, you could find a can or jar that won’t rust. That would be an improvement. I bought mine on Amazon.

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