Sun Glasses Gadget

Sunglasses Gadget
There are many options when it comes to sunglasses. I now wear glasses that have some distance correction and are magnifiers for reading. Buying a pair of standard clear lenses and an additional pair of prescription sunglasses can be costly.
The solution for me has been a pair of “clip on” sunglasses. I bought a pair to fit my standard glasses. The cost was $17 to convert my standard glasses to sunglasses. But what I saw was a way to protect the expensive lenses from being scratched. These clip ons are like protectors for your glasses, like a shield. As a matter of fact, the ones I bought were called Solar Shields.
The Solar Shields are scratch resistant, polarized, and block 100% of UV rays. Since using these, I have not had one scratch on my standard glasses. After a few years, these clip ons have begun to wear out, so I’ve just purchased a replacement, another $17 at CVS.
Another thing I like about this concept is that I always have a standard pair of progressive glasses with me. So if I’m using my sunglasses and then walk into the Hobart Maritime Museum, I can just take the Solar Shields off and I can now see and read what’s in front of me. I can leave the “cheaters” at home.
There are many versions of this concept. For instance, the flip ups, the magnetic attachment, etc. The one downside is that these are made for relatively flat glasses, not the wrap arounds that we all prefer to wear when out on the water. This is a small sacrifice to pay for the convenience and cost savings.

You can find these at CVS Drugstores, or just about anywhere that they sell glasses.

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