Luggage Scale For Propane Tank

luggage scaleLuggage Scale – Ok, this is not for weighing that huge fish you caught. It’s for weighing your propane tank. We weigh our propane tanks to see how empty they are. This really helps us as the tanks get below half. We “know” instead of “guessing” how much propane is left. Our luggage scale is a handheld digital one, with a hook to hang the tank on. The one’s with a dial that use a spring, sort of the analog version, work very well too. We weigh the tanks empty, then full. In the case of our 10 lb tanks, 9.8 lbs is empty, and 18.4 lbs is full.


So if your scale reads 12.2 lbs, how much do you lave left? OK, that’s easy, but the better question is what is the percentage left? I had to do this sober. Your seventh grade math teacher will be proud of you when you figure this out.

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