Spices to Go

If I’m going on a delivery, chartering, or racing long distance offshore and I’m responsible for the cooking, here’s one of the tricks I use. Buying spices can be expensive, and if you are on the boat for just one week, it can be wasteful too. So what I do is use a “pill dispenser” to bring some spices along from home. Most pill dispensers have 7 to 14 little pill compartments. I put a different spice in each compartment. Here’s a picture of one I’m preparing for a one week delivery trip.

2015-01-31 20.16.33

On the bottom of the pill dispenser, I use a fine magic marker to label what is in each compartment. I then cover this with a piece of scotch take so it doesn’t get worn off. When I get home, I can wash these labels off, if I want to.

Another idea is to use the very small Ziplok type bags and label them with a marker.

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