Cruising the Bahamas Notes

These are the notes from the Cruising the Bahamas seminar:

Bahamas Customs forms:

SVRS Card #, small vessel reporting system;
Customs Decal;

CBP & Immigration in Tampa: 813-348-1715, 4662 Aircargo Road, Tampa (present yourself)

Pets: (info by Carolyn and Jan, authors of the book)

Weather: WEATHER NETS —Bahamas, Florida coastal and tropical weather information can be obtained daily as follows, all times local:
On SSB freq 4003 USB at 07.00; on amateur radio, freq 7096 or 3696 LSB at 07.20; on the Waterway Radio and Cruising Club daily net, including S.W. North Atlantic offshore weather on freq 7268 at 07.45.
Weather information on VHF is available in various places at different times and on different channels, ask locally for details. Available daily in Nassau area on channel 72 at 07.15. Bahamas weather is also available on local AM radio, freq 1540 at 06.15 and 06.45 from the Nassau Met Office.
SSCA morning SSB net at 1215 UTC and 1315 UTC on 8104 (info contact Glenn Tuttle

Caribbean Weather Centre Chris Parker ***SSB 4045 in the early AM***
Tel:1-284-494-7559 Fax:1-284-494-5358

Weather Aps and websites:
Pocket Grib, Predict Wind, Passage Weather, WindyTY, NOAA Now, Weather Underground, Weather Bug, STORM, Marine Weather, Windfinder, My Radar.

Explorer Chart Kits – plus online subscribe to “Bahamas Chatter” bulletins
Marina Information is on Explorer Charts online website. by Joe Riccio (online, download it)
Skipper Bob Bahamas Bound
Cruising Guide to the Abaco Bahamas by Steve Dodge
“Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands“ by Dozier’s Waterway Guide Cruising
Active Captain
Seven Seas Cruising Association website
Find over 100 Blogs about Cruising the Bahamas

Loraine Rolle in Black Point is a SSCA Cruising station. (get her mom’s bread!)
Marina in Nassau; Nassau Harbor Club, Manager is Peter Attaloglou (Greek)
Marina near Georgetown in south end of Exumas; Emerald Bay Marina.

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  • Bo Boykin

    Capt Billy,
    Just a note to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us over the past couple of days. As a new boat owner, March of this year, your presentations were extremely helpful. I was one of the non sailors in the tent but found 99% of your presentations yesterday and today relevant to the our situations as well, thank you.

    Thank you,
    Bo Boykin
    MV Candide

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